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Our 2 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch Banded Mylar in a large variety of colors, cuts, and styles gives us the largest selection available. We also are the only producer of Bandaboo; fine cut mylar fringe with a band. Easier to handle and tie than traditional materials available in hanks. We make and sell banded mylar, sometimes known as mylar tinsel, for use in trolling flies, hair flies, spinners, crank baits, ocean lures, jigs, and other fishing lures. Our material is used to make lures for Salmon, Steelhead, Kings, Coho, Bass, Muskie, Bass, Walleye, Pike, panfish, Trout, ocean fish; you name it, someone is out there using our materials to catch it. We also offer an assortment of beads, bullet heads, and tubing for tying flies.

We source materials from the USA and North America whenever we can. We believe in spending our money where we fish. Almost all of the mylar we use is produced in the USA and we are working on sourcing the remaining items we offer from local sources as well. Our customers have told us how important that is to them, and we hear you.

Purple Taco Fly Supply was started in 2009, and we convert mylar to fringe at our facility in Michigan, USA. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and supply you with great quality and service.

We offer custom cutting, Captains programs, and wholesale pricing. Contact us for more information.

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LeRoy and Debbie Dowding

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Checkout the new EXTENDED GLOW MYLAR and Transparent UV Blue Bubble!

Bandaboo and 6 inch magnum materials are now here!!

Please be advised the color pictures for Bandaboo are for color purposes only and not exact bandaboo samples.

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